Epcot Center

Published by Matt

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34 thoughts on “Epcot Center

    1. This is the famous Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome. There is a lovely ride inside that spirals from past to future. Check out Bucky Fuller’s life…a fascinating man!


      1. You are very welcome. My first visit to Disneyworld was as an adult to a color conference, Color Marketing Group, and we only visited Epcot and learned many fascinating things including that tidbit. Subsequently, I did some reading of my own on Buckminster Fuller…he designed and invented many ‘modern’ items back in the 1940’s.


  1. EPCOT Center is part of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. That’s in the central to northern part of the state [Miami is quite southern]. More info on Disney’s website. The “golf ball” building is called Spaceship Earth and it’s a ride inside!


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