52 replies to “Venice fishing pier

  1. Now he does gallery. I have to meet the woman who got this man. She has to be good to compete with that camera. Maybe she can teach me something to use for for my man.


  2. I never got emails from from mattwordpress that were a “5-part” before. (I’m very curious, how does the the public telephone relate to the ocean & beach scenes)? Looks like these pics were taken on an overcast day/had just stopped raining/at dawn/or dusk. This “5-parter” almost appears to be telling a story.


  3. I only wish there was an option where I could magnify the pics on my smart phone to see more detail, because I would try to click on an individual photo to see if it would enlarge it, but it doesn’t.


  4. I really love these pictures. They are dark, yet I could see the sun trying to peek out. The one with the broken pay phone is priceless int he midst of the ocean. Also, coming from my cold landscape minus 20 in Montreal, I appreciate the ocean!


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