Suicide Kings shrimp and cornbread

Published by Matt

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30 thoughts on “Suicide Kings shrimp and cornbread

  1. Is what’s sprinkled on top rice? It looks good-I like shrimp-whether out of the can/fresh, & I like cornbread. (I haven’t had the latter in a while). The lime adds a nice touch, too.


  2. Has the shrimp been fried/breaded? (That’s what it appears to me). (One of the other ingredients looks like noodles-is that what it is)? Although usually rice/noodles aren’t usually incorporated in the same meal, since they’re both starches. (Assuming, of course, that the white stuff sprinkled over the shrimp is white rice). Is this Chinese/Japanese/Cajun cuisine?


  3. The red portions look like tomatoes, the little orange bits look like diced carrots, I think. (In some ways, in the middle it kind of looks like cole slaw, just noticed it a little more closely, because the off-white & green (?veggies) look somewhat like cabbage. Or it might be a Mexican dish, because I’ve heard they use a lot of lime in the dishes they make, apparently more than lemons.


  4. Reblogged this on magsebastian and commented:
    I wish i could try out kinds of foods with their pictures posted on the internet. before all i know are native delicacies in our countries but with the web practically being easy to access today makes you think wow! those dang cuisines – like what they literally call it formally- are very tempting and its just make you eager to take a munch!

    oh hey is that one of those pizza posts? or im just mistaken.. hehehe..


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