Setting up for dinner

Published by Matt

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22 thoughts on “Setting up for dinner

  1. What a beautiful table & the way everything is set up so meticulously & methodically…the dishes, the (?mug, is that what it is), the placemats, the candles; the blue-hued lighting, the chairs way off in the background on either side. (Btw, what is that blue object with the white sparkling lights near the wall)? This pic looks like it might have been taken in a very fancy, exclusive elegant restaurant-perhaps taken before customers have entered. Very interesting!


  2. Maybe it’s a Japanese restaurant, because I went to one once, & everyone sits near everyone else-strangers-it’s very unusual, & the people preparing the food chop the veggies/meat right in front of the customers, stir-fry it & everything! It’s kind of like they’re putting on a show! (Maybe that’s why it’s such a long table, because as far as I know, regular restaurants that have other foods on their menu-American, Italian, etc don’t have such long tables unless someone maybe made a reservation for 10 or 12 people or something like that).


  3. If it is a formal sit down dinner then the fork should be on the left of the plate and the cutting edge of knife turned towards the plate along with the spoon turned up. The ambience is great. But where is the food!!


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