Train to Jungfraujoch

Published by Matt

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27 thoughts on “Train to Jungfraujoch

  1. Exquisite, beautiful scenery! I love the buildings, the clean snow, the trees, the mountains off in the far distance…at 1st, I didn’t see a train & only saw the brown bldg on the right, but then I saw it after I looked a little more carefully. Looks perhaps a little bit lonely & isolated, though. (Where is Jungfraujoch, & is it in Switzerland, the same place where the other train pic was taken)?


  2. The only “down side” to looking at these winter pics is to feel a little bit psychologically colder after looking at them, since I live in a part of the U.S. that’s experiencing a lot of cold weather right now, lol, but pics still very pretty! Whoever did the photography, whether it’s Matt or someone else, did a wonderfully excellent job capturing the beauty, tranquility, cleanliness!


  3. The idea it gives is order, calmness, consolidated habits, precision and duty………
    Maybe little is left to fantasy,but a healthy life,in all its meanings, may be worth the while!
    Beautiful photo!


    1. Grace, that’s an interesting comment about the bldg. (I assumed that brown bldg in the foreground was a hotel or bed & breakfast-I hadn’t thought about the possibility that it may be a house-or perhaps ?apartment complex/?youth hostel)? I guess if a great many people live there, it could be a house for where perhaps 6 or 7 family members live. (Three stories, then off to the side may be an attachment to the home the owner added, where they’d have several bedrooms & 3 or more bathrooms-just trying to picture it in my imagination, lol, since I don’t see it for myself).


  4. Off to the side of the brown bldg looks like a fire escape-(do they call them “fire escapes” in other countries)? I looked at this a little more closely-(before I didn’t notice it quite as much)-but the bldg is situated on an extremely high hill/mountain/?plateau.


  5. When the train leaves that cozy building, where does it go? Looks like up in the mountains. Better then another track downwards.


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