Kids sledding down mountain

Published by Matt

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33 thoughts on “Kids sledding down mountain

  1. The kids could get seriously hurt doing that! A mountain? Where are their parents? The parents shouldn’t be letting them do something so dangerous, risky & reckless! Sounds frightening, even though the scenery is pretty.


  2. I used to go sledging all the time when a was a little girl and we lived in a mountain village……
    Nobody thought it was so dangerous …….Now ,I wonder how the grown-up could be so careless…..


  3. Looks beautiful – is this in Austria?
    BTW I also live in the mountains and we go sledding every other week with the whole family. It is not only fun for kids. There are well prepared slopes (as on the picture) just for sledding and even in that case on the picture, I can imagine, parents are just behind the curve. I think it is far more dangerous when kids have to play in the streets of a big city than to have some mountain fun.


  4. Well because, 76, 1st you say no one thought anything of you sledding down mountains as a little kid, but then you say you wonder how the adults could be so careless. That’s what I mean. Whoever these kids’ parents are should supervise them a lot more closely & only allow them to sled down very small hills, otherwise they could get badly injured!


    1. Well, ncc, it sounds like you have a very empty & sad life lol, that you find the need to “confront” someone on the internet when you don’t even know them, lol. It’s so very, very, very sad that ncc has to be so small-minded, I think! Poor ncc! You poor person, lol! I feel So Sorry For ncc! It sounds like Poor ncc is a Bully, & Bullies Are Cowards! Poor ncc! Awww, I feel soooo sad for poor ncc! Maybe poor ncc needs to get a hobby, lol!


  5. Poor, poor ncc, lol! You haven’t found a hobby & your life is so empty ncc, lol! Poor, poor ncc is a bully & a coward-what a sad, pathetic life ncc has, lol! Maybe ncc is immature, lol & has nothing else to do, lol!!! I feel soooo sorry for you, lol!


  6. Well, it sounded a teeny bit like you were ridiculing me for me “talking” about kids sledding down huge mountains being dangerous, when other Pinterest members didn’t convey any similar sentiments. Lol, I thought you were running down what I “said”, lol!


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