Late night negotiation

Published by Matt

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27 thoughts on “Late night negotiation

      1. I wonder if it is some sort of discussion as to why a street is blocked off. They are dressed up so I would imagine they are attending the event that the officer is working.


  1. Directions? More like pedestrian threesome for the casual citizen. It was inevitable that popularity would grab this image though. Props to the brave camera man snapping an on duty police man acting as an off duty police man to the sophisticated fancy dress on goers.


    1. If you zoom in on the License plate of the Police man it says D.C. and the bank says: Bank of Washington.. so I am going to go out on a limb and say its Washington D.C


      1. Very observant, Z. Thank you. It looks like a nice part of D.C., because I’ve heard there are run-down & poor areas as well as the more attractive neighborhoods. (I’ve only visited D.C. twice myself).


  2. I zoomed in just now & I saw the “D.C.” on the license plate. The dressed-up man has a smile on his face, so whatever they were talking about, must not have been serious or anything…like just chatting. Very unusual for a cop & civilians!


  3. I love this picture. I’m not sure though that it’s a confrontation. They all three have very relaxed positions. Seems like they’re chatting.


  4. Maybe it isn’t even a “cop/civilian relationship”. Maybe the dressed-up couple-(whether husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend)-know the cop because one/the other/both of the dressed-up people graduated from H.S. &/or college, & or previously worked with the cop in another career. (Let’s say, hypothetically, it was something other than law enforcement). Perhaps they were next-door neighbors of one another as children; or knew one another’s parents/siblings/cousins/grandparents). Very intriguing pic!


  5. Maybe the cop is an ex-husband/ex-boyfriend of the woman, & they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. (Perhaps is was previously a bitter break-up, but now the woman &/or the cop has “moved on”, so they’re not angry with each other anymore about the past). Perhaps the dressed-up couple mentioned to the officer their plans to tie the knot soon/just recently got married/the woman’s expecting their 1st child, & the cop’s congratulating them.


  6. Yes, I agree very casual. I believe they do know each other and this looks like “Real Time Photography”. Right??!! The National Bank closed over a decade ago, it’s an historic building (along with Hahns Shoes). History and Photography is simply amazing especially when you can connect the dots. Love the photograph, as always jazz


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