Duck Roasted with Cabbage, Apple, and Quinoa

Published by Matt

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30 thoughts on “Duck Roasted with Cabbage, Apple, and Quinoa

  1. @ ittybunny quinoa is i believe and american indian substitute for a pulse, or rice. ive used it in soups tends to have the texture of seaome seeds (please excuse spelling there).

    This meal sounds and looks yummmmy


      1. I think there’s some type of Chinese food dish that’s made with sesame seeds…Sesame Chicken, I think-I remember ordering it in restaurants & enjoying it.


  2. It looks wonderful! I was unaware Cabbage, Apple, and Quinoa had roasting properties! Is there any precautionary safety advise you can offer before we attempt to combine these three surprisingly volatile ingredients?


    1. Couscous is french i believe, its a rice product i think but so yummy. your local supermarket should have some “instant” make your self stuff. where you just add hot water and heat in a pan and is usually inexpensive if your not sure. Couscous is great to have with chicken or something in stead of potato, or stuff red pepers with it and stick it under the grill for a bit. yummy.


      1. I wikipediaed it. I’m on the fence about quinoa. I had couscous in Tangier, Morroco. Its origins are Berber and it is a staple in North Africa. You are right that the first reference in writing is French and that it is a favorite dish of France in 2011. Quinoa is the healthiest grain out there, though.


  3. Sounds looks good. Now have tempting everybody so much can you deliver?!?!?! For the women after an obviously handsome, successful guy, that may be a in!?!?! I have to meet the one that conquers romance in this one. Getting past his camera is a damn good resume.


  4. Dude! Where’s the recipe???!!! Looks awesome. I’m a new blogger, and I found your blog on WordPress. I grew up in San Rafael, graduating from SRHS in 1975. And I took up cooking as a hobby in the last year…big time. I have a very dear friend that is certified by the CIA (Napa, not spies) and the Cordon Bleu, that showed me the ropes. I get it! Keep on a bloggin’! I’m following!

    Bob (on WordPress at



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