Lens cap on Sony RX1

The entire camera is really solid, heavy metal, and it has the best handling of a camera this size I’ve used, including Leicas.

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12 thoughts on “Lens cap on Sony RX1

  1. very pretty picture.
    the lens cover is like the eye lid of the camera. whet it’s put on they are sleeping and dreaming about the most beautiful pictures on the world. lucky is the photographer who can hear his camera’s voice when it tells its dream and together they can make it come true… 🙂


  2. The price point is a big negative. However, I predict that when Sony decides to come out with the interchangeable lens version, it’ll be a huge winner. Lots of manufacturers, including Leica, will be jumping to compete. Almost every lens for 35mm or greater will be compatible. Lots of companies are already making really good adapters for their NEX series and a lot of people have been jumping into that system just to use their old manual lenses. That’s where I’m headed with my gear!


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