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66 thoughts on “Morning

  1. I like the north bay area beaches too. Saucilito (?) by the docks and the forests on the beach were my favorite there.


  2. **Oooooo this pic is making me miss coastal mornings in California(Cali) Thank you for sharing…Isn’t it awesome how just a simple shot(pic) such as that one can be so very beautiful?!?


  3. Why are you in Florida? How are you doing matt? Yay this is beautiful! In berkeley, ca right now, after being in seattle for a few weeks i was ready to leave! The sunshine makes all the difference! Write me! โค


  4. So many clouds…the sky looks magnificent; the sun rising; the reflection of the sky/beach/trees-(are they palm or evergreen trees)? Also the sand reflected on the water! Gorgeous pic, looks relaxing, serene, calm & tranquil. Looks & exudes peacefulness, I think. Reminds me of Hawaii, because even though I’m not absolutely sure, it looks more like palm than evergreen trees! (I’m not even sure if evergreens grow in Florida)!


  5. “Morning” Yes! As a retired art director and illustrator, I think I can say with little contradiction that your work is very professional and exciting.
    The only thing I could suggest is a little more cropping of some of these to heighthen the effect. Keep up the good work


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