Anyone know what these dots are?

I see these all over the curbs in San Francisco. I’m guessing it’s some sort of thing city workers do to mark something, and they use different colors different times they do it. This was on Market Street near the Four Seasons, but I’ve seen a ton in Mission too.

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18 thoughts on “Anyone know what these dots are?

  1. It’s called dotspotting. San Franscisco’s Mosquito Abatement Team uses the “technique” to mark which drains they’ve inspected during the current inspection period. Each inspection period is given a certain color. If a drain doesn’t have that color yet, then it hasn’t been inspected during that period. Here’s a more in depth desciption:


  2. They just reminded me of the mapping and elevation studies done generally through the U. S. and other parts of the world. But, in hind-sight, most of those are square, and triangle notches placed throughout the cities. I like the art and paintball comments though.


  3. No matter how you try to explain it with government drowned in politics today, even all the dot your “i’s” and cross your “T’s” being an issue everywhere, I would say it is no more then paint on a sidewalk. If their was a meaning to it that actually benefited anything, I would sincerely be shocked.


  4. I know this is dead but….you mean people get to not only do something good for the community as a job/career, but shoot stuff with paintball guns too? I am headed for the wrong field…haha


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