1932 L29 Cord rear view mirror holder

Published by Matt

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6 thoughts on “1932 L29 Cord rear view mirror holder

  1. I love this photo. I like the play of light and shadow, especially the shadows of the mirror and what looks like a bicycle. I love the humor of the convertible having a spare snow tire, and I wonder whether the tire will fit the car, despite knowing it’ll be garaged when the first snow flies. I love the humor of the mirror on the tire, imagining someone going to such lengths to add a sideview mirror for drivers who still must lean far right or hang their heads out of the window in order to see the mirror, because the windshield’s clutter blocks their view. I love finding the couple in the mirror’s “rear view,” one person standing politely to be photographed while the other has turned away. I love your photos that make us think or feel one way, but if we stop and look again, they give us another layer. This photo could be titlted, “Mirror’s rear view of a breakup.”


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