#spottheshuttle #ov105 Endeavor over Bay Bridge

If you want to see just the shuttle:

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70 thoughts on “#spottheshuttle #ov105 Endeavor over Bay Bridge

  1. Great shot. My uncle works for NASA and has been posting pictures of this on Facebook. It looks so wrong, doesn’t it. Like, no, you can’t ship something by air simply by strapping it on top of an airplane. That’s crazy. Except, apparently, you can. πŸ™‚


  2. even more amazing is that this jumbo jet with a shuttle on top, from all appearances of pictures I’ve seen, managed to outrun a military fighter jet all the way from Florida to California! πŸ˜€


  3. Simply amazing. I missed seeing it in person because of some crazy thing called a job, but I tried my hardest with a pair of binoculars through the trees. Seeing pictures like this warm the space-exploration cockles of my heart.


  4. Reblogged this on AEXM and commented:
    Wow that’s an awesome photo of the shuttle! I was lucky enough to be in Las Cruces, one of the cities it flew over, but unfortunately it flew directly over me and I got a splendid view of the carrier aircraft’s belly.


  5. Good shot. I saw Endeavour mission STS-99 fly over New England back in Feb. 2000, only as a dot after dark of course. Sorta sad to see em go into the museums, but I guess it’s that time. Great there was so much enthusiasm out there!


  6. Nice photo! I live in Florida and I was able to get some photos of Endevour leaving the Kennedy Space Center. It was very cool to watch, but sad too knowing its the last time.


  7. That is a fantastic shot of Endeavour (spelled with a u) over the bridge. We were just outside Edwards Air Force Base when it took off and that was awesome. Unfortunately, we don’t have a telephoto lens so our photos aren’t as great as yours, but we’re pretty proud of what we did get. It’s so sad to see the space shuttle program end.


  8. I miss San Francisco. I am not sure if that is where you are from.. but if you are, I would love to see a shot of Sausalito from the bridge, just before the sun goes completely down and the little city’s lights cast their beauty across the water!


  9. Awesome shot–first time seeing one like this. Living in Florida, we hear a lot of “shuttle news” and a lot of people seem to take it for granted. Never ceases to amaze me :-).


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