Every seat in the restaurant was filled with Automatticians

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

4 thoughts on “Every seat in the restaurant was filled with Automatticians

  1. I would like to know why there is a need to have a room full of people who try to make various things to make human effort needless… that’s like saying that a person is not needed. Where would their sense of purpose be? Is it only to make lives easier or is it to make it so that we all become lazier and more reliant on automatic devices? I know a lot of useful objects have been created to increase productivity and overall quality, but to take a persons job from them by such means is a tragedy that will only be seen years later. I hope that this room was filled with people wanting to make peoples lives easier, and not to replace them. We all have a need to feel of some use, whether or not we are brave enough to acknowledge it. I hope you take this post into consideration. I am not trying to scold, but to bring you another point of view.

    And on another note, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. It looks like you were all having fun. nothing beats talking to someone in person. Then you feel the connection more, and create stronger bonds. Technology is great, but it can never truly replace a person.



  2. @sarah — wouldn’t it be worth freeing up people’s time of mundane mindless work so people can do things that are more interesting and “thoughtful”? As a freshly minted stay-at-home mother (well… Really just a mother…) I marvel at how much more time I have to do interesting and thoughtful things that my great grandmother couldn’t have… Because she had to wash clothes by hand, and cook
    Everything from scratch! I can spend time on relationships, and pleasurable and mind enhancing things because of tools that have automated my life..


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