Spot the deer

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

19 thoughts on “Spot the deer

  1. Great Photo! I also see 3…

    But my reason for writing this comment is another one. I read that: – “With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Rules The Web. So Where’s The Money?”.
    I’d like to be one of those, who spend some money on wordpress – my blog is only a few days old, at the moment I don’t need any pro features, but this is not my first blog… I love wordpress and I know it is the Best Blogging System ever! I tried b2 too, Serendipity, Movable Type, Textpattern and so on. Not mentioning a lot of hostet blogging services (blogger, blogigo, myblog), and CMS including the same features as wordpress offers – pages, a whole website – like Joomla and a lot of other programs for websites.
    My Question: Is there another possibility to donate or only on the wordpress Foundation Site, where it’s mainly used for educational purposes? I’d like to donate to – as I already said: I love it.
    The freemium model of is great, but I think some of us bloggers think, they don’t need anything more, than what it offers for free – like I do at the moment. Some of us don’t upgrade, even if we blog for years, but we love wordpress. Maybe others would be interested too to donate to Because of that, a little suggestion. A donate link in the footer of the admin pages could probably encourange people to give some money for helping keeping up wordpress as great as it is.
    I surely don’t want to get on your nerves or steel your time.
    Thanks for


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