Spinach eggs grits and chicken fried bacon at Slappy Cakes

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30 Replies to “Spinach eggs grits and chicken fried bacon at Slappy Cakes”

  1. Matt, wordpress suggested that I follow and become friends with you. Love your photos of food but as I write humor. Crap….are they trying to set us up on a date? I mean I am married and you might be. I would hate that wordpress is trying to advocate affairs. That would be naughty.

    No, I am kidding. Yes they recommended you to me but you’re the only one. I am not sure why. Anyway, great blog. Check mine out sometime. I write humor/satire, if you don’t offend easy.



      1. They recommended you to me, too… I can’t wait to read why! Never heard of chicken fried bacon before.

        We dont have it here in Oz… (Australia)


    1. Hi Becca,

      I love humor and satire…would love to check out your blog :).

      Hey Matt…

      Exactly the same thing happened with me too…
      Wordpress recommended you to me but you’re the only one. I am not sure why…

      Nice food pics..and since am a foodie..I so loved them…

      Keep clicking.



  2. As Rebecca, I too, was suggested to follow you… Anyway, those photos make me huuunngrry :/ Cool photos. I especially like the kitty-shaped one.


  3. Dear Matt,

    I’m sure you don’t need a surrogate mother, but I don’t think chicken fried bacon is what the doctor ordered. You may be young now but your arteries will thank you if you limit these indulgences to once in a blue-violet moon.

    Your “online Mom”,


  4. Matt, you seem to be “Da Man”…or at least “Da Friend”. WordPress suggested I friend you as well.
    Love your photos. Looking forward to spending some time on your blog checking things out. I saw “Grits” in the title of this one and figured I’d pass it onto my grit-loving girlfriend, Isabel. That girl never met a grit she didn’t like. πŸ™‚

    As for my blog, I write short (mostly) non-fiction. My goal is simply to write. I’ve denied the siren call for too long (decades). It’s time.

    iknownothingintheworld (I know nothing in the world)


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