Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner

I saw The Barefoot Contessa yesterday on PBS and wow, they really don't make movies like that anymore. A really fascinating film. Ava Gardner was pure beauty, and Humphrey Bogart is very classic.

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3 thoughts on “Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner

  1. There’s lots of great old movies out there. The only problem is that sites like have such a badly inflated score of anything that came out before 1996 that it can be hard to pick them sometimes (case in point, Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn — horrible, horrible movie)


  2. It is so great to be able to express my thoughts about the last “Screen Goddess” from the Golden Age of Movies. There can never be another Ava Gardner. To see her movies over and over just prove each time that she really was a fantastic actress with a beauty that was overwhelming. She did it all: comedy (“One Touch of Venus”); mystery (“The Killers” – brr the affect of Kitty Collins – cold but sensual – poor Swede – Burt Lancaster – he didn’t have a chance); musicals: (“Show Boat” – she should have done her own singing but her dancing and sensitive acting were magic); drama (“On the Beach”) – a tragic message but her appearance on the screen was breath taking -she still had the charisma: she was Ava Gardner. You just can’t forget it – who wants to.

    Her performance in “The Sun Also Rises” was fantastic. She was and remains Brett Ashley – once she portrays Venus, Kitty Collins, Brett Ashley, Julie, Moira, etc. etc., no one else can duplicate that character.

    Thank you for this opportunity – I am an Ava Gardner Advocate (member of her Museum in Smithfield, NC) and have been, remaining to this day and beyond, an Ava fan.


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