Blogging from Flock

This is another test post from Flock. It seems a lot more polished than those 0.2 days.

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Update: It produces bad HTML, but so does everybody.

It seems faster than Firefox, but that could be because I use Firefox 1.0.x and this is based on 1.5.

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13 thoughts on “Blogging from Flock

  1. I noticed Firefox 1.5 beta 2 (for linux) is definitely faster. Especially the back and forward buttons or mouse gestures. In that regard, Firefox is catching up with Opera.

    The rendering of web pages seems to be faster, too. So if Flock is based on the 1.5 core, then I can imagine that your browsing feels smoother. 🙂


  2. Flock’s HTML really is bad at the moment, but then it changes every build…
    And it is definately faster than 1.0.x that’s the first thing I noticed.


  3. Yes if it’s based on FireFox1.5 and you have 1.0, it’s defenately faster. Firefox1.5 has a whole new rendering engine, which is IMHO much better than the old 1.0 days 🙂


  4. I haven’t tried flock yet… All the newer Gecko based browsers seem to proform rather badly on computers with only 64mb ram & 300mhz, so I use Opera.

    Yes, I know it’s obsolete, but it does internet, old games, code and wordprocessing. Thats all I’d do with a newer computer anyway. Well, with the exception of new games. 😉


  5. Please be serious, Flock doesn’t even support categories. I accept that ‘multi-compatible’ blogging tools can’t support every in-and-out of WordPress, but CATEGORIES for crying out loud.


  6. Yeah I agree the category thing sucks. However we’re looking at ways to extract the tags into categories automatically from the post, and the Flock guys submitted some code to help us with that.


  7. i have my own blog somewhere else, on , and that’s where i run test posts for the flock on. i ended up still going back to my main login and manager anyways, since i can’t do categories and so on.

    it’s not that it isn’t great, it does need some tweaking. i am falling in love with it already, now it has just got to learn that not every site needs a www. prefix. my uni email account uses student. something not a www, and because it doesn’t recognise that, it refuses to navigate to that. but i could access that site from i.e and mozzilla =/


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