New Dashboard

The content on the Dashboard has been significantly redone to give you something to enjoy this weekend. Thanks to some code-fu from Andy we are now tracking a lot of interesting stats from across all the blogs.

The first thing you’ll notice is we’re highlighting the top blogs of the day across the network. Next you’ll see where there used to be the WordPress Planet feed we now highlight the most popular posts of the day and the latest from around the site.

I’ve also added links to the top blogs to the front page of

A lot of you have let us know you loved the “community posts” feature we had in the activity bar so we’ve expanded in ways that hopefully make the dashboard a much more interesting place for you. As a nice side-effect, the dashboard loads about ten times faster now.

As always, let us know what you think and any thoughts or suggestions you may have. It’s getting better every day. 🙂 

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

24 thoughts on “New Dashboard

  1. This is good. Just two days on wordpress and this place is just cool. And I like the AJAX thing where we can drag around the boxes in the write section, though it did remind me of the google/ig page… I keep wondering what all can be done using AJAX.

    As Agaponeo mentioned the dash board should be customizable where I can put the most used features of admin section. is indeed the most unique and the best blog site I have ever seen. Everything is great about wordpress (except the current restriction on change of templates which I believe is just a passing phase and will be available soon).

    Keep up the good work Matt and thanks for prividing such a wonderful blog site.



  2. Ugh. My trackback didn’t work. Anyway, I was saying, it’s not a scrolling ticker, but something quite better. FYI, the top blogs at list, the left half of the hotblogs div is being eaten by the content div. (I think)


  3. Can you send me an invite, Matt? I’m had a Xanga blog, but stopped using it because of it’s lack with features and customization.



  4. I just noticed that in the upload section we get to see the URL of the file immediatly after it has been uploaded. Is there any way I can see what all files I have uploaded till now or delete files I no longer need


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  7. Right now it’s pretty weighted toward traffic but we’re going be tweaking the “interestingness” of the algorithm in the future.


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