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They just said if I blog about MT there’ll be a prize.

They’re making a lot of bold claims, they just said it is the “most used blogging platform in the world” and it has the “best community and support in the world.”

Now they’re showing the video that shows a demo of upgrading. Upgrading is now much simpler. New feature: System Overview. (It’s really hard to see the screens because my the screenshots have small text. I’m getting older, maybe my eyes are getting bad!)

Comment spam – “silent data loss, big management burder, no way to know who’s building your community.” Spam is spam. “Movable Type 3.2 is the only blog platform with a junk folder” where it automatically deletes things after a while. Comments have a virtuous cycle.

“You can post from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word.” Favorite of Mena Trott: Context-sensitive search. You can customize the interface. Integrates into tools you have now. “No need for scripting.” Use Golive or Dreamweaver.

“Most important reason: best support in the business.” Brand new user manual and prints on demand. Manual allows comments from bloggers. (Why not just use a wiki?) Help ticket system integrated into application. “We’re realising it next week.” “Blogging platform that’s ready for business.”

The prize is the first three people to post about this demo get a copy of Hacking Movable Type. I just posted but I’ll leave the copy of the book for someone who needs it more. Jay Allen has hair now!

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15 thoughts on “Movable Type Demo

  1. Um, I may be slightly confused here, but aren’t most — if not all — of these things incorporated, at least in some way, into WordPress?

    I used MT for a couple of years, and it’s a nice platform. But there were some things that I just never got to work right. And, I never could get MT stuff really nicely integrated into sites I designed in other web design tools. Of course, this was all before they had PHP support.

    The bottom line is that I’m able to do literally everything I want to do with WordPress, and the integration — both with web design tools and with other, server-based apps — is much simpler and stronger.

    Keep it coming, Matt!


  2. Since you said that you hadn’t used MT’s dynamic publishing, I’m going to guess that you’ve never used MT 3. MT 3.2 is far and away different software than MT 2.x.

    It’s great that WordPress suits your needs, but if you’re going to judge a Ford, you shouldn’t be basing it on the Model-T.


  3. No, I’ve not used MT 3.x. A good friend does, however. Unfortunately, I can’t use 3.x for my needs — at least not at the prices they’re asking. Believe me, I looked closely at it before I made my switch to WordPress, though.


  4. Green, it’s always good to the latest versions of everything out there, I do it myself every few months.

    Jay, I’m surprised no one has started a blog yet to track the hair!


  5. Actually, I’ve tried MT3.2 on my friend’s blog. No offense Jay, but that’s just not meant for me. I don’t know, maybe I’m not supposed to try WP before trying MT or I’m just too stubborn too change. Whatever. I guess let people made their choices and may they use the best suited blog engine for them. Hi, Matt! Keep up the good work.


  6. I like reading all this discussion. I’m a friend of Eric who is using MT 3.2b4 for my weblog engine now.

    I chose MT because I used to use WP, but it’s too bad because there’s too many bugs for one of WP themes. I don’t blame WP engine, maybe I’m too weak at technically (esp. PHP). I love both MT and WP. Maybe, one of my new blog is going to use WP as engine. Let people make their better choices.

    For Matt, I’m waiting for the invitation on 🙂


  7. if you’re going to judge a Ford, you shouldn’t be basing it on the Model-T

    Well Jay, so be it, but then, no one switches back after giving up a Ford for a Ferrari, it doesn’t matter what’s the Ford model or polish!! 😉


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