View from Burj Khalifa

124th floor, 1,483 feet.

Published by Matt

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113 thoughts on “View from Burj Khalifa

  1. I’m absolutely fascinated with the Burj Khalifa so this is incredible. Thanks for the post, I’m mesmerised by this photo! If you ever visit London, check out my website, it recommends all the really weird stuff to do in London 🙂 Love your blog!


  2. Reblogged this on Imagination and commented:
    As an engineer, this is one of the most amazing Structures made by man. It is in a shape of a Cactus, can you believe that? It really is an awesome view from there.


  3. been here last february. it was freezing cold on the 124th floor. it was night time when we went and the overlooking view with the city lights is just amzing!


  4. Wow!!! You were in Dubai? I was there too till a couple of days back. In fact we watched the fountain show which takes place in the Dubai Mall in the evenings right opposite the Burj. We, unfortunately couldn’t go to the Burj but hope we can on our next visit there. Hope you enjoyed your stay there. 🙂


  5. Wow Matt that really stunning. I’ve lived and worked in Dubai for 8 years in the constructions industry and worked on towers like these and in the Burj Khalifa area as well 🙂 Miss the place a lot. Its beautiful


  6. Certainly a great view, but reminds me of a line by Johnny
    Weissmiller (Tarzan) flying over NYC in a plane for the first time; looking down he says: ‘concrete jungle.’ An astute observation without losing any appeal from more than a bird’s eye view.


  7. Amazing photo Brother! How did you do that? It is in another building or flight?
    Also, I would like to know how you are known in the wordpress? I really do not understand how I do yet! I would like to link my wordpress to my facebook!


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