With Mom

Published by Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

67 thoughts on “With Mom

  1. Nice one matt.. i was going through the wordpress and noticed “with mom” on your blog and was so happy for u and sad for me. the reason is I am missing my mom a lot and ur pic brought me tears


      1. Matt, thats fabulous! I see the pockets now. Thats so cool! I love the rasta asparagus ferns!
        I’ll have to cruise your blog to see more about your art..


  2. at first I am surprised for that your mother very nice and i would to ask you if you want i would like to know how can i make design for blog and back please reply


  3. The mother is everything. She is our consolation, our hope and our strength. She is the source of love, understanding and forgiveness. And that, Mother is you.
    Your mother is really nice !


  4. You must be very talented at gardening. What a nice gift! You both emanate genuine happiness & warmth in this photo! That is very beautiful & priceless!


  5. Quite a lot of beautiful plants/flowers in this photo, & I just noticed a little more closely that it’s more expansive than I 1st assumed. Nice to be out in the fresh air with your family.


  6. This picture is so so so magical!

    I got drawn to it because of the little dragonfly at your moms necklace.
    Have you ever read Deepak Chopras book The Way of the Wizard (chapter 3 in particular)?
    My alltime favorite book for many years now (it has the ability to change the way you look at life).
    And the cover of an older german version of the book (you could look it up at lovelybooks.de under die title ‘der weg des zauberers’) looks so much like the beautiful garden in the background of your photo.
    Also the cover of the english version of the book which can be found on amazon reminds me about my mom bc of the birch tree.
    The one thing both bookd covers have in common is the yellow color of the title.

    Wishing you all both a peaceful, lovely & happy holiday season!


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