From top of Bay Bridge

Published by Matt

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73 thoughts on “From top of Bay Bridge

  1. I would have a lot of difficulty taking a pic like that without it turning out all blurry-looking, if I was sitting on a plane…how was the photographer able to get it to turn out so clear?


  2. Oh-my-god. I’m gonna be there in two months! I’m from UK and can’t wait to visit the states, never been before so really excited. Can anyone go up there? I might have a job convincing my bloke its a good idea! I’ll try…


  3. LOVE!! Absolutely awesome shot. Just moved out of the bay area, so your pics tear my heart each time I see them. Miss home. Love what ur doing here! How’d you manage to get up there? I’m sure Living Social or Zozi aren’t selling tickets to a trip up there 🙂 Or are they?


  4. This blog is amazing! Where is that? Sorry for my language, speak little english. I saw differents blogs but then saw this and loved the photographs, everything. I follow you.


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  6. I have a question regarding some comments about Thomas Coburn a friend from Iowa chuck Grassley’s state tom Coburn is talking about impeaching the president of the united states and my question would be how do we know if there’s a good president of the united states I just don’t know if this topic means anything but democrats want you know money and we AINT going to help them no matter what it takes how do you defy from that being said a politic wise does any of the poltics mean anything to you all ?



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