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I just wanted to post a quick clarification that Safari is not quite up to snuff for all the things we’re doing yet on Where possible we will try to make it as elegant an experience as we can, but the Webkit engine is still evolving pretty rapidly and it may be a release or two before it’s fully caught up with things like Firefox.

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10 thoughts on “Safari Support

  1. I guess maybe what I’ll be asking is the obvious, but just for clarification, would you be thinking of/referring to the AJAX functions and/or the WYSIWYG box (in particular)? I’m just curious to ask. Sadly stuck with OS X 10.2, and Safari 1.0 as a result. :-\ Oh well, go Firefox!


  2. Don’t mind the theme, I’m switching it around to test out everything.

    Safari doesn’t (and can’t) support the WYSIWYG much at all, and there are a few AJAX things that we’re still debugging.


  3. I found this unsupported thing on safari when I was trying to send a feedback and there’s nothing happened. I couldn’t write anything. And then, when I switched into firefox everything was OK.

    Thanks for the information, Matt 😉


  4. Are the issues with Safari documented anywhere? Those of us who use Safari can send Apple feedback or submit (consumer level) “bug reports”. People who are registered with Apple’s developer site can submit bug reports with real tracking numbers and everything.

    What else doesn’t work right? Giving them specific examples might make a difference.


  5. Apple is clear on how little of Ajax’s “higher abilities” they support:

    Things I saw that made me jump:
    1) A quote: “XSLT not available via JavaScript for application to arbitrary XML in an HTML page.”

    2) : Does Safari support XMLHttpRequest objects?

    Yes again! – Safari 1.2’s implementation follows the Mozilla model and successfully runs the Mozilla examples at EXCEPT for the those requiring DOMParser.

    Translation, Safari blows. Do you know alternatitives to these shortcomings? The workaround must be elaborate


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